Friday, February 8, 2008

MK Black Dots

Ok this is a choose your own color template. Coose your background, border, text etc.... If blogger doesn't have a color you like then you can go to this website and choose the custom color you want. To replace your custom color go to your your 'page elements' you click on 'fonts and colors'. Next to all the colors there is a box and above it says 'edit color hex code' erase it all BUT the # Copy the desired color you got off the color website and paste it in that little box the press enter and it will change the background, title etc....Whatever one you are trying to change. Anyway have fun!!

Here are the instructions on how to apply the layout

Log into your blogger account and go to your dashboard.
Click on Layout in the right hand corner of the blog which you want to apply the template.
Go to Pick New Template
Choose Minima
Click Save Template
Go to Edit HTML
Delete all of the HTML
Go to:
Copy all of the HTML (don't copy the small blue text at the bottom under the line)
Paste the HTML
Click Save Template
That's it!
Don't forget to tell your friends! Thanks!


Lisa said...

Thank you for making this so simple! My friend just let me on to her secret of her super cute blog today and linked me to you. I was able to take this code and replace all your photobucket links with my own from shabbyprincess downloads. It was so simple. THANKS A MILLION!


Kristie and Chris said...

Hi, How can you access cuter fonts? Love this layout, now I just want to have a cute font.

JACKIE said...

You are sooo talented!!! Thank you! I this template for another blog I am creating and fwd'd this link to all my friends. So cute! Thanks!

JACKIE said...

Another good color code website I found.